Sunday, May 29, 2011

sunday fun day

I pretty much live off grape,pineapple and water. Favorite drinks ever.

I'm reading this at the moment and its soooo so good - I recommend it to anyone who is interested in philosophy!

I'm still to read these two books but I got recommended them, and the blurb makes them sounds pretty fucking rad, so heres two more book suggestions. 

This is what I wore today...
Today I woke up and took my hound dogs to the beach, then I went for a scrumptious brunch with my parents at DOME (I drool for their vanilla milkshakes). Then I came back and decided to make some homemade ice lemon tea (if you want to know how to make it - google, but its pretty straight forward), I then went and laid by the pool to catch some rays, read some of my book and have a paddle in the pool & i'm now about to get ready for bed, have some pumpkin soup (mmmmm) and watch 'The Lost Boys' in bed. SUNDAYS ROCK!

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